Why do companies undertaking IT projects need a Project Manager?

A project without a Project Manager is like an orchestra without a conductor. To create a perfect outcome by maximizing each team member’s capabilities, a specialist is needed to oversee and manage the project!



What is a Project Manager(PM)?

A Project Manager, as the name suggests, is responsible for planning and executing a project, as well as managing and supervising the team involved. They act as a mediator between teams from the beginning to the end of a project, providing ongoing support.


The term “Project Manager” can refer to individuals involved in project management tasks across various industries, such as event planning or game planning. Recently, with the rapid development of the IT field, the term “IT Project Manager” has become more common. IT Project Managers can be further categorized into service Project Managers, web Project Managers, and app Project Managers.



Service Project Manager

Service Project Managers are responsible for planning services from a user experience (UX) perspective, managing the entire journey of a project from development to completion.